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If you are a ranked player and would like to display your biography on the WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKING™ website, please complete the Player Information Form below.

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  • Please note: The Player Information Form is for Ranked players only, if you are not a ranked player any information you provide will not be uploaded.

    All amateur golfers are encouraged to complete the Player Information Form. Biographical information provided by you will be displayed on the WAGRTM website. WAGRTM listing is used for many exemptions, and having your most up-to-date information allows for the most expedient and accurate processing of your competition results. The contact information and date of birth provided may be shared between The R&A and USGA or with any individual or entity assisting The R&A in the administration of WAGRTM listing, but otherwise will be kept private and confidential by The R&A in accordance with its privacy policy.

    In order to be included in WAGRTM listing, results of Counting Events must be submitted by event organisers in a timely manner. In order to receive points for the Counting Events in which you participate, you may wish to encourage the event organiser to return event results as soon as possible once the Counting Event concludes.

    You must ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to upload the photograph to this website and you hereby grant R&A Championships Limited a non-exclusive, worldwide permission to display the photograph on this website.