How do you become a ranked player? What’s a Divisor? And what’s the RSS? Get the answers to all these questions and more, here.


How many players and events are included in WAGR™?

What time period does WAGR™ cover?

What constitutes a 104-week “rolling” cycle?

Is WAGR™ weighted for more recent play?

How often is WAGR™ updated?

How does WAGR™ obtain the results of Counting Events?

What does WAGR™ do with the results of Counting Events?

Why are some event results missing?

How do I become a WAGR™ Ranked Player?

How can I be removed from WAGR™?

What is a Counting Event?

Age Specific and Closed Invitation Events

What is a Counting Round?

What is a Counting Score?

What is Ranking Scratch Score (RSS)?

What are Stroke Play Ranking Points?

What is an Event Rating?

What are Stroke Play Bonus Ranking Points?

What are Match Play Ranking Points?

What are Team Match Play Participation Points?

What is a Divisor?

How are WAGR™ Positions determined?

I finished higher than my fellow-competitor so why does he/she earn WAGR™ Ranking points when I do not?

Do only top event finishers earn points?