Use of WAGR™



The WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKINGTM ranks the top amateur golfers in the world on the basis of their average performance in counting events on a rolling cycle over the previous 104 weeks. The calculation of the WAGRTM ranking is made by R&A Championships Limited in accordance with the rules established by R&A Championships Limited, details of which can be found in the FAQ section of this Website (the “Rules”). R&A Championships Limited reserves the right to vary or amend any of the Rules at any time.


The WAGRTM ranking data is produced primarily for use by R&A Championships Limited in connection with competitions run by or on behalf of R&A Championships Limited.

If any individual organisation wishes to make use of the published WAGRTM ranking data, or any part of it, for their own purposes they may do so, provided such use is in accordance with the terms set out below, but R&A Championships Limited shall not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any such use of the published WAGRTM ranking data.

R&A Championships Limited accepts no responsibility or liability in any way whatsoever for or makes any representations or warranties, whether express or implied, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the WAGRTM ranking information published at any point in time and shall have no liability to any third party resulting from use of or reliance upon the WAGRTM ranking information.


R&A Championships Limited hereby grants a revocable licence to any party to reproduce published ranking information from the WAGRTM rankings as published by R&A Championships Limited on or otherwise from time to time. This licence to reproduce does not give any party the right to alter, amend, adapt, change, revise or supplement the WAGRTM ranking information, as published by R&A Championships Limited from time to time, in any manner or form. Any such use of WAGRTM data should acknowledge its source and contain a copyright statement acknowledging the rights of WAGRTM and R&A Championships Limited.

Any individual or organisation wishing to reproduce or otherwise make use of the WAGRTM published ranking information (or any part of it) in a manner that seeks to alter, amend, adapt, change, revise or supplement the WAGRTM published information in any manner or form must seek the express permission of R&A Championships Limited before so reproducing or otherwise making use of any information or data published by WAGRTM.

Right to use the WAGRTM trade marks

As the owner and operator of the WAGRTM rankings, R&A Championships Limited exclusively holds all the operating rights in respect of WAGRTM and The Championship Committee Merchandising Limited exclusively holds all rights in connection with the “WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKING”,“WAGR” and related trade marks and logos on behalf of the R&A group of companies.

No use of any of the “WORLD AMATEUR GOLF RANKING”, “WAGR” or other trade marks (including the logos as set out below) is permitted without the written permission of R&A Championships Limited.

Where an event has been established as a “Counting Event” for the purposes of the Rules the organiser of such Counting Event should contact R&A Championships with a view to obtaining such written permission to use any of the WAGRTM trade marks in relation to the Counting Event.