Men's Event

Campeonato Nacional Interclubes Copa de Oro



20 - 23 Nov 2019


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Peru, South America,

Country Club La Planicie

Event Organiser

Peru Golf Association

Event Type

All Ages





SP Rounds


MP Rounds


Event results
Fav Finish Ctry Player Points

All Players (10)

Participant Alejandro J Ramos F 0.7000
Participant Patrick Sparks A 0.7000
Participant Eduardo Galdos 0.7000
Participant Cristobal Michilot 0.7000
Participant Santiago Zubiate 0.7000
Participant Alberto Menacho N 0.7000
Participant Santiago Bustamante V 0.7000
Participant Andres A Caceres C 0.7000
Participant Smith Galvez Ch 0.7000
Participant Luis A Tay B 0.7000
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