Several amendments to the World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) will go into effect on Week 1/2013 (31st December 2012) and the following is a summary of the key changes:

- There will be a strict deadline for returning event results in order to have those results included in WAGR; these deadlines will be conveyed in the e-mail message event organizers receive in the week prior to the playing of their events. 

- The points that players contribute to determine the strength of the starting field have been adjusted to better reflect the depth of the field.

- Reductions have been made to match play points to make them more consistent with stroke play points awarded for the same Category.

- There will be a maximum Ranking Scratch Score (RSS) of 78 for men’s events and 80 for women’s events

- The requirements to become a newly ranked player are now more similar for match play and stroke play. In addition, fewer players will become ranked solely based on performance in the stroke play qualifying portion of a match play event.

- Category G has been added for amateur events; this will be any WAGR Counting Event without any rating points contributed by players in the field.

- For amateur events, if there are less than 50 players in the field, fewer players will have the opportunity to become newly ranked.  For example, in a Category B stroke play event with fewer than 50 players, those players finishing in the top 8 and ties – which is half of the usual standard of the top 16 and ties – will become ranked if they are not already ranked.

- For all stroke play events and individual match play events, only the main championship flight will be included.

- Elite team match play events will be included in WAGR if they are submitted.  The starting field will be strength rated and that strength will be assigned to the championship flight.  Further flights, if applicable, will be “stepped down” one category per flight.

- Fewer players will become ranked in small field professional events that are not included in the men’s and women’s professional rankings.

In order to keep WAGR as accurate as possible, please submit your events for the 2013 WAGR calendar, and please remember to submit the results of these events as soon as the competitions have concluded.

Should you have any questions, please refer in the first instance to the FAQ section which will be updated with these changes on week 1/2013.  The FAQs provide detailed figures and examples.  If the FAQs do not answer your questions, please click here and contact the WAGR department. 

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