-- Notice Regarding 2014 Amendments --

Several amendments to the World Amateur Golf Ranking will go into effect on Week 1/2014 (30th December 2013) and the following is a summary of the key changes:

  • In order for a new event to be included in WAGR in 2014, that event information must be received by 15 January 2014. Otherwise, information for a new event received during 2014 will see that event added to the 2015 WAGR calendar.
  • There will be stricter deadlines for returning event results in order to have those results included in WAGR; these deadlines will be conveyed in the e-mail message event organizers receive in the week prior to the playing of their events. 
  • Event categories have been expanded to reflect the growth of WAGR (e.g., the number of Category A events has increased from 30 to 50), and the World Amateur Team Championships are now Elite Category events.
  • Points and divisors will no longer be applied for individual results in match play team events. Instead, participation points will be awarded to players on all teams involved. Winning team points will also be available. Participation points and winning team points will be based on event category and do not have accompanying divisors. Further, only match play team events conducted at the national and international level will be included in WAGR. For example, a country’s team match play championship will be included; regional or select team match play events between states, schools, etc., will not be included. To be included in WAGR, match play team events must have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 12 players on each participating team. Finally, new players will no longer become ranked based on individual performance in match play team events.
  • For amateur events, if there are fewer than 48 players in the field (change from 50), fewer players will have the opportunity to become newly ranked. For example, in a Category B stroke play event with fewer than 48 players, those players finishing in the top 8 and ties – which is half of the usual standard of the top 16 and ties – will become ranked if they are not already ranked.
  • For amateur events, if there are fewer than 48 players in the field (change from 50), 50% of the scores normally used to calculate the RSS will be applied. 
  • Stand-alone events for junior players ages 15 and under will not be included in WAGR.
  • If the winner of an event does not meet the maximum RSS (78) in any round, that event will not be included in WAGR.

In order to keep WAGR as accurate as possible, please submit your events for the 2014 WAGR calendar, please let WAGR know date changes as soon as possible, and please remember to submit the results of these events as soon as the competitions have concluded.

Should you have any questions, please refer in the first instance to the FAQ section on the WAGR website which will be updated with these changes. The FAQs provide detailed figures and examples. If the FAQs do not answer your questions, please contact Andy McDonald, The R&A/USGA World Amateur Golf Ranking Manager, andrewmcdonald@randa.org.

Please know that WAGR is available to national federations and organisers of amateur and professional events and tours as a criterion for tournament field selection and for purposes of exemptions, national team selection, and orders of merit.

All the best to you in the New Year and with your 2014 championship season.

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