Several amendments to the World Amateur Golf RankingTM will go into effect on Week 1/2015 (29th December 2014).  More detail will be provided on most of those amendments in the near future but we wanted to let you know of two significant changes as soon as possible:  
  • New events to WAGRTM must now serve a probationary period of one year. The WAGRTM staff must receive this event information by 31 January 2015, in which case the event will be considered for inclusion in 2016. Otherwise, information for a new event received during 2015 will require a probationary year during 2016. Event organisers for biennial events last played in 2014 should contact WAGRTM staff for further information.
  • The only counting professional events in WAGRTM for 2015 will be those included in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) and the Rolex Rankings.
Should you have any questions, please contact Andy McDonald, The R&A/USGA World Amateur Golf Ranking Manager,

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